October 4th, 21h30

João Mortágua . Soprano & Alto Saxofone
José Soares . Alto Saxofone
Hugo Ciríaco . Tenor Saxofone
Rui Teixeira . Baritone Saxofone
Alex Lázaro . Drums & Percussion
Pedro Vasconcelos . Drums & Percussion

Born in Estarreja, João Mortágua completed the basic piano course and the eighth grade of  saxofone studies at the Aveiro Conservatory of Music, where he joined the Big Band, the Saxophone Quartet and the Symphonic Band.  At the same time he attended masterclasses with the Saxophone Quartet of Amsterdam, and also integrated the Youth Orchestra of the Center.  Due to his growing interest in jazz, he departed to Lisbon in 2005, where he attended the jazz school of Hot Club de Portugal.

Graduated in Jazz by the School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE-Porto), he was part of the prize-winning Septet at the S. Luiz Jazz Festival 2007.  He participated in the 39th Siena Jazz Seminar and obtained a scholarship for the 40th edition.  He played in numerous spaces and national festivals, including Guimarães Jazz, Portimão Jazz Festival and Valado dos Frades Jazz Festival.

AXES is Mortágua’s newest project . Claimed as a secure value in the portuguese jazz scene, he has been developing an intense musical activity, playing and recording with Nuno Ferreira, Miguel Moreira, Filipe Teixeira, Bruno Pernadas, Alexandre Coelho, Nelson Cascais, André Santos, Carlos Bica and André Fernandes, among others. He published two more albums in his own name, “Janela” (2014) and “Mirrors” (2017), besides AXES also released in 2017.

With AXES, Mortágua explores the texture of four saxes and two drums, with a strongly contemporary flavor, deeply inked by the search of something, which has been marking all his musical path.  He says this music is conceptually based on:

“A squared pyramid over noisy woods”.

“Fusion between the earth and the man.”

“Ode to the city bird and pagan geometry”


About the 2017 AXES debut album, people said it’s “an excellent album to listen to, (…) with very interesting musical ideas…” (; “Each melody clears out a wide path, knocking over anything that gets in its way” (Bird is the worm); it was named as ‘album of the year’ by and JazzLogical; and more recently, Ian Patterson, from All About Jazz, said (at European Jazz Conference): “This is some of the more vanguardist music being made in Europe at the moment; AXES are an example of the new music that the festivals should be celebrating in their line-ups”

After playing in festivals like Spring On! (Casa da Música), 8th Porta Jazz Festival (Rivoli), KM.251 (Ponferrada) or Internationales Jazz Festival (Muenster), cities like Ponte de Lima or Barcelos, and other venues like Gnration (Braga), Salão Brazil (Coimbra) or Crystal Palace’s Gardens (Porto), they are in the this year’s line-ups of Suedtirol and Belgrad jazz festivals, as well as Angrajazz, among others.  In December they will be back to studio, recording their second album.

In 2017 Mortágua received the distinction of “Musician of the Year” at the RTP / Jazz Festival Awards, and promises to go further.

You can count on a show full of energy, emotion, interaction, intention, humour, and even some theatricality.

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